Message of The Vice Principal & Incharge, Diabari Campus

Welcome to Milestone College online deliberations!

As an ardent believer in the maxim “Education is the backbone of a nation”, we have been striving hard to contribute a bit to the act of building a strong nation in the future. Since its inception in 2002, Milestone College has been investing all its efforts to impart quality education giving equal importance to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our institution, within a very short time, started performing better than many of the top ranking institutions in public exams and in various national / district level and inter-school competitions. Milestone College has been successful in establishing its position among the leading Schools of the country by dint of the praiseworthy performances of its students in the public exams at Secondary and Higher Secondary levels.

Our teams of diligent faculty members working at the frontline has always been Milestone College’s most valuable asset. Their direct supervision and hard work round the clock help our students to perform consistently well in the Public Exams. For example in the SSC Exam 2020, 1381 students appeared and 946 got GPA 5.00 and 100% of them have passed out. Channel-i, a leading TV Channel in Bangladesh enumerates Milestone College the best Educational Institution in Dhaka Mohanogori on the basis of 100% pass rate in the SSC 2020. In the JSC 2019 Exam, Milestone College achieved 59 (fifty-nine) out of 60 (sixty) scholarship in Cantonment Thana.

We maintain separate campus for our girls where the Vice Principals, In-charges, Directors, Coordinators, Form Masters are all female. We strive for gender equality among our students and staff and currently our male-female ratio among the students and the staff is 3:2 which we hope to get 1:1 in near future. And, our English Version and Bangla Medium students attend classes in separate buildings and have separate administrative and academic support systems.

At Milestone College, we truly believe that in order to achieve personal and professional proficiencies, a student needs to be strong both in academic and extra-curricular activities. Our achievements in Sports & Cultural Activities at national & international levels bear testimony to our efforts and belief..

The following is a titbit list of some of our achievements in the recent times:

Results of our Secondary and Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations in the last few years are given below:

Results of our Secondary and Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations in the last few years are given below:

Year Faculty Exam Total Candidates % of Pass A+ (GPA 5.00)
2022 All Section SSC 1679 99.82 1250
2021 All Section SSC 1631 100 998
2020 All Section SSC 1381 100 946
2019 All Section SSC 1341 98.96 301
2018 All Section SSC 1179 99.92 790
2021 All Section HSC 2878 100 1829
2019 All Section HSC 2211 100 853
2018 All Section HSC 2150 99.02 121
2017 All Section HSC 1895 99.89 598

*   In order of merit our positions in SSC were 5th, 10th and 4th in 2009, 2013 and 2014 respectively with 100% pass rate.

*   And in HSC our positions were 10th and 7th in 2009 and 2014 respectively with 100% pass rate.

*   Awarded crest as one of the best Educational Institutions in JSC & SSC Examinations in 2013.

*   Awarded crest as the best Educational Institute of Dhaka Board in 2008

*   Achieved the International Education Management Certificate ISO 9001:2015.

Our School Section is an integral part of greater Milestone Family. Results of the School Section in Public Exams are given below: 

Primary Extermination Certificate (PEC) Examination-2019: 100% pass rate with 1138 A+ out of 1181 candidates (Both English Version& Bangla Medium). Previously our positions in the country were 5th, 4th, 4th, 3rd& 3rd in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 respectively. Obtained 34 Talent Pool & 05 General Scholarships from own Thana.

Junior School Certificate (JSC) Examination-2019: 100% pass rate with 589 A+ out of 1071 candidates (English Version & Bangla Medium). Previously our positions in Dhaka Board were 13th, 7th& 4th in 2010, 2012 & 2013 respectively. Obtained 20 Talent Pool out of 20 & 39 General Scholarships out of 40 from own Thana.

* National Education Week-2019, Milestone School & College was attributed the Best Educational Institution (Secondary), the Best Principal (Higher Secondary) &Best Student (both Secondary & Higher Secondary) at Thana Level in DhakaMohanagari (no National Education WeekProgramme was held in 2020 & 2021).

* National Education Week-2022, Milestone School & College was attributed the Best Educational Institution (College) & Best Student (College) at Mohanogori Thana Level.

*Anti-Corruption Debate Competition: In The National Anti-Corruption Debate Competition held in March 2020, Milestone College came out Champion in 04 Thanas in Uttara.

*In the Competition of Rendering the National Anthem Correctly held in 2019, the Junior Group from Milestone College stood 1st at Thana Level & 2nd at Mahanagari level.

*In the 49th Sports Competition (2019-20) arranged by the National School Madrasha & Vocational Education, other than achieving individual medals, out of the 10 Team Events Milestone College came out Champion in 09.

These are a very few of our achievement in the days passed by. We pledge to persist in carrying with the best of our efforts in future.

Mohammad Ziaul Alam
Vice Principal (Coordination & Inspection)
& Incharge, Diabari Campus