Message of The Senior Director (Admin)

Education is a continuous process and competition is a major component of this process. Industrial revolution as well as the victory of science has brought about a great change in mans thoughts and feelings. This change results from globalization which paves the way to a competitive world. Only the fittest can survive in the struggle of existence in this competitive world. We are the global citizen today and so we have to come close contact with the most modern quality education. Our dearest Milestone School & College is committed to impart this very modern quality education.

Milestone School & College is situated at Uttara Model Town in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is one of the best and largest educational institutions in our country. In 2008 Milestone School & College has achieved the recognition of Best Educational Institution under the Board of Dhaka. In the meantime, this institution has occupied Board Place 13 times in order of merit in the Board and Public Exams. In the field of higher education, the number of students of this institution is also mentionable. We are truly proud to see their presence in the best universities of the world including Bangladesh. Apart from these, a shining example can be asserted that a lot of ex-students of Milestone College have qualified in the recent Medical Admission Test-2015.This is how Milestone has the capability of making its students best of the best.

Milestone dreams in the midst of your kids and tries heart and soul to materialize it with the help of ultra-modern quality education. Our dearest Colonel Nurun Nabi Sir (retd) is the main leader of this vision. He was the founding Principal of Rajuk Uttara Model College. He also served as a Principal in Faujderhat and Jhenidah Cadet College. After the establishment of Milestone College in 2002, he took the charge of here as a Principal for some years. At present, he is working as an Adviser of Milestone College. Coming close contact with the wise like Nurun Nabi Sir, Milestone School & College has become as successful as Rajuk Uttara Model College. Considering academic staff and in-fractural position, Milestone is a reliable educational institution because it undertakes the challenge in giving standard education to your children. The presence of your children in this institution will bring pride for us and make you sure of their success.

Md. Masud Alam
Senior Director (Admin)